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Hi there! Welcome to my page! I am a wedding photographer based in Toronto, ON who loves photographing couples and travelling! 

I really enjoy what I do because it allows me to discover new places and meet wonderful people. Wedding photography is something I am truly passionate about. I gravitated towards this genre when I became a wife and understood the feelings that came just after receiving my wedding and engagement photos. Pure bliss to see the love my husband and I share with one another, all captured during such an important time in our lives. It's amazing to be able to provide that to others! 

I would be so honoured to create authentic artwork for you to look back on and reminisce every emotion you experience on your day! The best images are captured during real moments of laughter, romantic looks, hugs, and kisses. I aim to help guide my clients to create these moments naturally, even those who experience nervousness in front of the camera. 

I have a background in music and visual arts which is definitely why I am meticulous with my framing and editing. I also enjoy hikes and escaping from the city! Many of my photos contain beautiful outdoor backgrounds because of this. The great outdoors provides the perfect backdrop and tons of inspiration for epic photographs!

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