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Josh and the Bluffs!

My husband Josh and I had this shoot done a while ago, and it was our first visit to the Bluffs!

Strange since we live pretty close by.. It really is a beautiful place! We planned to go for a walk and get some fresh air one weekend and... well I insisted we make our trip into a photoshoot as well. :) It was around 7PM when we got there and we were just loving the scenery. I always tell Josh if I don't get a little dosage of nature each week I'll feel a little down. Its honestly the best thing you can do to relieve stress! You don't have to save up money for an expensive trip to enjoy a "getaway". Look out for blogs that post ideas on nature-filled places to visit near your urban area (like this one!). That's how I find out about a lot of awesome locations that I'll plan to drive to. I'd like to give a shoutout to that wonderful woman who allowed us to photograph her gorgeous liver spotted Dalmatian! Here are some shots of Josh from our visit :) enjoy!


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